My name is Mike and I am currently 44 years old. In July of 2015, after waking up in excruciating pain, going to the clinic, being on pain killers and getting a cortisone shot and an MRI, I was diagnosed with a double herniated disc. The pain was really bad, and it severely interfered with my work (office job). I couldn’t coach my son’s soccer team anymore, I couldn’t stand or sit for a long time and I would wake up crying from severe pain in the middle of the night. I started physiotherapy and added osteopathy sessions, as well as I started being followed by a neurosurgeon.

By spring of 2016, the pain was being controlled by 20 pills of different drugs that I was taking during the day every day (in the morning, at noon and in the evening) which included 450 mg of Lyrica, Extra strength Tylenol and a heart medication to control the effects of all the drugs to the heart! In my March 2016 session I told the neurosurgeon that although the pain was being controlled, I couldn’t see myself continuing taking 20 pills a day. He suggested surgery in June of 2016 and booked me a visit in May of 2016 with himself as a pre-surgery consult. Right before that consult I needed to have gone for another MRI so we could have a more accurate picture.

A friend of mine suggested I visit Constantina Vouloumanos for some acupuncture sessions, and since the only thing I hadn’t tried was voodoo and acupuncture, I decided to give it a shot, not expecting much. Was I ever wrong! With reservations I went to my appointments (twice a week for the first few weeks, and once a week afterwards) always wondering how a Greek person (I am of Greek descent too) could be involved in acupuncture! From the beginning, Constantina explained to me what she was going to do, all about pressure points and inflammation and she told me that there was no way I was going into surgery regarding this. She even got upset at me for not finding her earlier through my ordeal! Contrary to popular belief, there was no pain involved with the needles and our sessions ranged from using a handful of needles to well over 30!

Within a couple of weeks, I stopped getting up through the night in pain. Then when I got up in the morning, while I used to be in pain, my pain would come a bit later, pushing my need to take my pills by a few hours, and then my noon dosage would also be pushed to later in the evening and my late evening ones to late night. This trend continued until I got rid of one set of pills (since my morning pills were overlapping with my noon pills) and then another, and then the last one… Within 2 months I was feeling no pain, taking no drugs and feeling like a Greek God again! When I visited my neurosurgeon in May of 2016 with my new MRI results, he told me that there was no hernia in my body anymore and that he couldn’t understand it! My family doctor was also in awe!

Finally, when I returned to my annual checkup at my endocrinologist (I am followed due to diabetes risk in the family), she also told me that my blood test was the best ever. As explained to me, inflammation is the root cause for many issues in our bodies and since better blood circulation is the best remedy for inflammation, acupuncture could only help in our overall well-being.

Throughout these acupuncture sessions, Constantina always showed her professionalism and determination, always explained to me what she was doing and why, in order to understand and be involved in her treatment. I have referred many people to Constantina and every single one of them have nothing but the best to say regarding her and her results. She has made me (and all my referrals) a true believer of the benefits of acupuncture.